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Vienna International Film Awards (VIFA) is a brand new, up and coming annual film festival held in the heart of Vienna. 

The objective of VIFA is to provide support to independent filmmakers and to have their films shown on the big screen in front of an international audience.
VIFA accepts all genres of films across the globe. The selected high-quality films will have a chance to win awards in various categories as well as have their films on the big screen at our live screening.

Our judges consist of international filmmakers and industry professionals. We believe that having such a multicultural team behind our festival helps make our festival thrive and stand out amongst other independent festivals.

We want to offer a unique experience to talented filmmakers and give them the chance to present their work to industry professionals with vast experience in their field.

One of our top aims is to give first time filmmakers, regardless of their age, the opportunity to have their films exposed to a large audience and to help promote their talent.

We aim to create an event that leads to further opportunities in the film industry.

VIFA is an IMBd qualifying Film Festival.

Rules & Terms

1) International films are required to have English subtitles.

2) Duration 20 mins and under.

3) Films must be 2018 or newer to qualify for an award.

4) Student Films will require proof of student ID to qualify for the discounted rate. Any non-student films submitted into the category will be disqualified.

5) To submit a film you must have created the project yourself, you have to own the rights or have permission from the owner of the content to submit the film to us.

6) Our festival is run by a small group of volunteers, film enthusiasts, and professional film judges. Every effort is made to provide great communication and fun festival experience. If there is anything we can assist with, please send us an email and we will contact you back within 24 hours.

7) VIFA reserves the right to refuse acceptance of submissions deemed by the festival to be inappropriate and violating the Rules and Terms. Should you wish to question VIFA about the decision, you can contact us by email.

8) One entry fee per category. The same film can be entered into one or more categories, but each category requires an entry fee.

9) Only online submissions using FilmFreeway are accepted.

10) All fees are non-refundable.


 Best Director (m/f)
 Best Cinematography
 Best Actor
 Best Actress
 Best Production Design
 Best Drama
 Best Comedy
 Best Thriller
 Best Horror
 Best Science Fiction/Fantasy
 Best Documentary
 Best Romance
 Best Animated Film
 Best Experimental
 Best Peroid Film/Advanture
 Best Music Video

VIFA Winners

Best Comedy
 There is someone at home (France)

Best Sci-Fi / Fantasy
The Last Reverie (USA)

Best Production Design
A Father’s Job (Germany)

Best Cinematography
A Father’s Job (Germany)

Best Animated Film
The Iron Woods (Canada)

Best Documentary
 Rahmat creel (Iran)

Best Actress
 TukTuk (Egypt)

Best Actor
 It comes from the Heavens (Cuba)

Best Horror
 It comes from the Heavens (Cuba)

Best Thriller
It’s Me, Sarah (Honduras)

Best Directress:
The Canyon (France)

Best Director
 Anniversary (China)

Best Romance
The Gesture and the Word (USA)

Best Drama
TukTuk (Egypt)


High and Dry (Ireland) 
The Packages (Canada) 
There is someone at home (France) 
Three honest unemployed women (Italy) 
You can’t castle anymore (Switzerland) 
Chemical Industries vs Covid (Italy) Matty Boy (United Kingdom) 
The Fiendish Machinations of Lex Luthor (United States)
 Hide your boyfriend (United Kingdom) 
The Gift (United States) 

 John Parker and the Madman (Austria)
Earthbound (United States)
 Back to the Dream (Croatia) 
The Dry Salvages (United States) 
Ashes (Macedonia) 
Can’t Go Home Anymore (United Kingdom)
 UV - A resistance story (Italy)
 Aleph (Brazil) 
The Visitor (Finland) 
The Last Reverie (United States)


TukTuk (Egypy) Plague (United States)
 Adam in Aeternum (Spain) 
Shattered (United Kingdom)
 A Father’s Job (Germany) Dead Layer (United States)
 The Little Death (Austria)
 Wuquiao Circus (Austria) 
Total shutdown 2 (Germany)
 Limbus (Austria) 

Cycle (Australia)
 The Interrogation (Netherlands) 
A Father’s Job (Germany) 
Spleen (Canada)
 The Photographer (United States) 
The Sicilian Widow (United States) 
TukTuk (Egypt) 
Work in Progress (Austria) 
Valour (Canada)
 It comes from the Heavens (Cuba)

Sebastiana (Brazil) 
Film Found (Denmark) 
Up and down - the wheel goes round (Austria) 
The Hitman’s Brother (United States) 
Lonely Graveyard (United States)
 Sightseeing (Germany) 
Stay Cat Smut (United States) 
Husky (Ireland) 
Roses in the Night (Bulgaria)
 The Iron Woods (Canda)

Lene 1927 (Iran) 
Distance (Canada) 
Time - doing with applause (Germany) 
Look At Us Now (United States)
 Rahmat Creel (Iran) 
How to Swim and not to Drown (Poland)
 75 Winter After (Austria) 
The Making of: Loving Arms (United States) 
An Open Letter to My Younger Self (United States) 
Safe (Germany)

Jen, 28 (United States)
 TukTuk (Egypt) 
Dark Hearts (United States) 
All the poems I didn’t send (Netherlands) 
Diaspora (Germany) 
Although I am retired (China)
 Brainsick (United States) 
MacBeth (United Kingdom) 
Care:y (Austria) Colors (Germany)

Angels do not die (Iran) 
Spleen (Canada)
 Dawn (United States)
 Acceptance (United States)
 A Father’s Job (Germany)
 Hide your love away (United States)
 1820 (Philipines)
 Destitute Living (Palestine) 
CTRL (Singapore)
 It comes from the Heavens (Cuba)
 The Coppice (United Kingdom)
 Boneyard Racers (United States)
 1820 (Philipines)
 It comes form the Heavens (Cuba)
 The Last Lullabye (United Kingdom) 
Two Worlds, Not One (United Kingdom)
 Voices (Slovenia)
 Moonlit Requiem (United Kingdom) 
Wild Red/Bloody Alpaca (Iran)
 Script (Italy) 


 In the Company of Cows (United States)
 Dead Layer (United States)
 It’s Me, Sarah (Honduras)
 Red Carpet (United States)
 Awakened (United States)
 The Dinner (Austria)
 The Cake (Spain)
 The First Time (Italy)
 I Never Really Left (Australia) 
You get what you deserve (Germany)

 Fear (Spain)
 Queen Bee of the Middle School (United States) 
Faded Memories (Italy)
 The Dry Salvages (United States)
 DACAmented (United States)
 Career Shift (Egypt)
 The Canyon (France) 
The Careening (United States) 
The Misfit (United States) 
The High Tea (United States) 


 TukTuk (Egypt)
 Blue Girl (United States)
 Vaccine (United States)
 A Leaf (Egypt)
 Dead or Die (Japan)
 Bruno (India)
 Anniversary (China)
 Main Street (United States)
 A Father’s Job (Germany)
 Fuhrer’s Fate (United Kingdom)

 Backbeat (United States)
 This Is How You Cry (United States)
 One More Cup of Coffee (Macedonia)
 Birthday Card (United States)
 Becoming Everything (United Kingdom)
 What Was (Austria)
 Deep dive (Poland)
 The Life IS Colorful (Czech Republic)
 The Gesture and the Word (United States)
 Carolina & Jim (Netherlands)
 TukTuk (Egypt)
 The Weapon (Iraq)
 Like Father, Like Son (United Arab Emirates)
 Selfless (United States)
 Wooden Sword (Iran)
 A Father’s Job (Germany)
 I’m Sorry, Age don’t make you Grown (United States)
 Family Salad (France)
 Weightless (Switzerland)
 I Forgot To SayThank You (United States) 


 Alone (United Kingdom) Limbus (Austria) Desire Line (United Kingdom) Colors (Germany) Jessica: Part Two (Denmark) Ide Bear (Indonesia) The Wheelchair And The Trap (Denmark) Dawn (United States) Blue Rose (United Kingdom) P.N. our les lames d une bougie (Morocco) Private Session (United States) Bureaucardiocracy (Italy) Shoe Horn/Office (Ireland) Interview with (m)a Mum (Germany) The game just got real (Switzerland) Jessy (Belgium) The Lonely Journey (United States) Always Alice (United Kingdom) For the time we will be human (Brazil)


- Steven Spielberg

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